What is Alexa Page Rank?

Alexa page ranking tool shows the number of people who accessed your site and how many pages in your website have been viewed. Alexa gives reliable statistics of how many users have entered your website daily on average, how many unique pages have been visited and what is your website’s rank compared to the other ones in internet. When collecting the statistics, Alexa uses the Alexa.com toolbar, installed to computers of many users. The toolbar connects all information about clicks per day from one user, pages viewed and etc.

What are the practical values of using alexa page rank?

Unlike the Google rank, the lower the ranking is, the more chances there will be for you to sell places for ads in your website. Unlike google page rank, alexa.com gives you more information about how the traffic of your website has changed in 3 month time, the ranking of your website in your country and speed of your website. When combined, all of those information provides a fair value of how much your website is worth for your advertisers.

What is a good alexa page rank?

The first 100000 websites are considered to be very prestigious; top 500 websites are the sites which can be trusted. The more users access your website every day, the lower ranking will be.