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What is DNS Lookup?

DNS is a Domain Name Service which matches domain names with their corresponding ip addresses. DNS Service allows users to connect to the website by a human readable domain name rather than making them to remember ip-addresses. There are several types of domain name services, domain names for ip addresses, mail servers and server locations.

What are the DNS Records?

When you type in the domain name of your favorite website, the Domain Name Server in the internet maps the domain name record with the corresponding ip address of the webservers associated with the domain. DNS Server uses DNS records or zone files.

What is the meaning of the types of DNS Records?

A Record

A record is interpreted as an address record and it is used in order to assign a unique IP address to a domain name. No two A records refer to the same IP address.

CNAME Record

CNAME record is interpreted as Canonical Name Record and is used to make one domain name an alias of another one. For example, if you want to associate a domain name of www.yourdomain.com to yourdomain.com, you can use a CNAME record. CNAME records were created so that users can have as many subdomains as they wish without having to specify unique ip address for each of them.

MX Record

MX records are used for mail exchange records. MX record indicates the location where the mail is sent.

NS Record

NS Record maps to original location of servers of the indicated domain name. NS Record Name Server Record which indicates the Authoritative Name Servers for a particular Domain

TXT Record

TXT Record allows inserting arbitrary text into a DNS record. These TEXT Record adds SPF records to a domain.

TIL Record

TIL is nothing but Time to Live. This TIL value sets the tenure of information which will be good when a recursive DNS server queries for your domain name information Usually the value is set in seconds.

SOA Record

This State of Authority record specifies the DNS server that provides authoritative information about the domain name, domain administrator email, domain serial number, along with several timers in relation to refreshing the zone.