What is ping?

Ping is a networking utility that allows you to check connection quality between two active points over a network. Administrators use ping ip utility in order to troubleshoot internet connection problems, and to check the speed of the internet. Ping ip utility also allows checking how fast the server is responding to various requests.

How does ping work?

Ping is a basic networking utility, which is supported almost by all computers, routers and modems. When using a ping tool, the computer sends Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request packets to the particular IP address over the TCP/IP network. Those packets which are sent to the other computer contain 64 bytes - 56 data bytes and 8 bytes of protocol reader information. The computer that sent the echo packets then waits for the response. If the response is positive, all packets are sent back to the sender in the form of return packets. Ping information also tells how much time (milliseconds) it took to receive return packets in good quality. If there is an error over the network, or if the server does not respond quickly enough, the sender computer reports an error.

What is considered a good and fast server response time?

The ping response time for computers connected to Local Area Network should be below 50ms. For internet browsing, ping response time

  • Fast - Under 200 ms – is considered good and internet connection speed between servers is very fast
  • Normal - 200-400ms - is adequate depending on how far away the server is and the internet connection speed between them
  • Slow - 400 and more ms – is considered quite slow response time, but the server will still function and generate response to user queries very slowly

How to check server response time with ping utility?

If you want to check the server response time, for a website you’ve developed not long ago, you should try using the ping tool on ipsector.com. Our ping tool uses fast internet connection to ping a particular host address in your domain and it will tell accurate results about the performance of your server to particular user requests. You can use ping tool for correctly predicting and addressing server down-time problems.